Cimarron Model 3 Schofield 38 Special


  • Cimarron Model 3 Schofield .38 Special Single-Action Revolver

    Produced by Smith & Wesson from 1875 to 1915, the Model 3 Schofield Top-Break revolver was designed to meet the needs of cavalry soldiers. The top-break design allowed a shooter to easily eject spent cartridges and reload while on horseback. The pistol also became a favorite of such notables as Jesse James and Bill Hickok, and a version of it became a standard sidearm in the Russian government. Many considered it superior to the 1873 Colt for mounted work. This Model 3 Schofield from Cimarron would make an excellent addition to the collection of any Old West fan or cowboy-action shooter.

    Cimarron Model 3 Schofield Features and Specifications:
    • Cimarron CA857
    • Caliber: .38 Special
    • Single-Action-Only, Top-Break Revolver
    • Seven-Inch Barrel
    • Six-Round Capacity
    • Two-Piece Walnut Grips
    • Weight: 2.65 lbs
    • Blued Finish

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Cimarron Model 3 Schofield 38 Special 7″ Barrel 6 Rounds

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