Cimarron Model P .38-40 Win Single Action Revolver


  • Quality Reproduction of Colt’s Famous Equalizer with 7-1/2″ Barrel and in .38-40 Winchester

    Originally designed for the US Calvary, the 1873 peacemaker-style single action army revolver quickly became an iconic wheelgun used to tame the Wild West frontier. Thanks to many popular movies and other entertainment media, this legendary smoke wagon’s popularity has been cemented due to being used by many stars such as John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda and so much more! Cimarron is proud to offer a quality reproduction of this widely known handgun at an affordable price. Rather than just using drawings or schematics, the Model P was designed using an original 1873 SAA as inspiration. This firearm also has Cimarron’s Comp action which eliminates weaknesses and increases reliability over the original 19th century design. Bottom line, indulge your western fantasy with fine reproduction Cimarron Model P!

    Cimarron Model P Specifications and Features:
    • Cimarron item #: MP687
    • Single Action Revolver
    • .38-40 Winchester/.38 WCF
    • 7.5″ Barrel
    • 6 Rounds
    • Pre-War style frame with side mounted cylinder base pin retaining screw
    • Cimarron Cowboy Comp action
    • Height: 6.25″
    • Width: 2.10″
    • Overall Length: 13″
    • Weight: 2.75 lbs.
    • 1 piece walnut grip
    • Standard Blue barrel and cylinder
    • Color Case Hardened frame
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Cimarron Model P .38-40 Win Single Action Revolver 7.5″ Barrel 6 Rounds Pre-War Frame Blued/Color Case Hardened Finish

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